Friday, January 13, 2017

@home Learning

@home Learning

To ensure continuity in learning we will make use of our online learning plans for today Friday, January 13th. @home learning for Grade One is:

Reading: Read books in GREEN folder and/or read on RAZKIDS.
a.     Go to
b.    Enter or choose the teacher's username, amali1
c.     Your child finds his or her username on the class chart.
d.    Your child enters his or her password.
e.     Select books to listen to and read      
Math: Practice Math skills and abilities online at
a.     Go to
b.    Enter your child's username and password in the upper right corner and click the button to sign in.*Your child's username and password has been sent to you in a separate email.            
c.     Click on the name of the subject you'd like to work on at the top of the page and navigate to your child's grade level.
d.    Select a specific skill to practice from the list of skills. You can also place your mouse over any skill to see a sample question and click on the link to begin.
Social Studies & Writing:
a.     Draw a picture and write about a favorite family celebration.
b.    Play a round of the Dreidel game.
French Assignments (for students in French)
Miss Isabelle: Complete worksheet that was sent home and return worksheet to class.
Mr. Barry:
a.     Reading and spelling parts of body already studied in class.
b.    Telling time *Each student has received a copy of these lessons (with drawings).

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