Monday, September 24, 2018

Week 6

Our Star Student!

In reading, students spent a lot of time working with partners learning different ways to read with a partner and sharing their thinking.

Take Turns     Read Together     Echo Read

Elbow to elbow
Knee to knee
The book in between
So we both can see.

Independent reading with Rasheed :)

In Math, students gathered data to make a bar graph of classmates' favorite colors.

In Social Studies, students practiced using Kelso's Choices through role play.

"Please STOP!"

. . . and in real situations.


Pencil grip is only one component of handwriting. Most children naturally develop a pencil grip that is comfortable for them. Students practice proper letter formation always starting from the top, having good writing posture, and a good pencil grip (two or three finger pinch). Here are some images from Handwriting Without Tears to use as a resource when thinking about a good pencil grip and a little trick for how to get a good pencil grip.

Watch for and remind your child about using a good pencil grip, posture and form.  

A Peek at next week:

Literacy: We will study the letter sounds /g/, /o/, /u/, and /l/.  Our sight words are he, she and be. We are continuing to build good reading habits. Making connections to self, other books, and the world is our focus next week. In writing, we will continue Showing with our pictures and Telling with our writing.
Math: We will continue learning how to collect data and create bar graphs. Students will work with ones and tens and compare quantities using the words "greater than" and "less than" and "equal to."
Social Studies: Students will continue to learn about respect in the classroom and following routines and procedures. Students will learn more about Kelso's Choices. We will also look at symbols on flags and we will create a class flag.

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