Sunday, September 2, 2018

Week 3

We had a super week! Take a look at the photos below of our first Star Student, reading, working with letters in our names, creating self portraits to use as our portfolio covers, and sharing more All About Me bags.

Back to School night is this week on Thursday! Come find out what your child will be learning in first grade this year. You'll also receive information about the important Take Home Folder coming home weekly beginning this week.

  Star of the Week!       
Star Light, Star Bright
This Little Star has come to flight
Shining sweet and shining true
To all my classmates, old and new.

Each child will be Star of the Week during the first half of the school year. 
As Star of the Week, students will...
* Have a special chair to sit in at the carpet.
* Be our CALENDAR person in class for the week.
* Be FIRST to choose a job for the week.
* Take care of our class mascot, Rasheed.

Monday: Poster Presentation & Collection –  Your child will share a poster (paper sent home) with the class. The poster may include photos of your child as a baby, recent photos, and photos of your family, pets, vacations, hobbies, events, etc. This is a fun way to share fascinating facts and favorites!

This is a chance for your child to share something that he/she collects.  If your child does not collect anything, your child may bring something that he/she is particularly proud of (send to school on Monday to be on display until Friday).

Friday: Snack & Story about Rasheed - Your child may bring in his/her favorite snack to share with the class (16 students) on Friday. We will read the story about Rasheed (paper for story sent home). The story will be added to our class book, “Adventures with Rasheed.”

August 27        Mahi                                                                October 29     Blanche
September 3   Clara                                                                November 5     Mees
September 10  Mariam                                                            November 12   Sayane
September 17  Eyob                                                                November 26   Aarna
September 24 Monia                                                               December 3     Yaelle
October 1        Seamus                                                            December 10   Valentin
October 8      Nahida                                                               January 7       Bastian
October 15      Giovanni                                                          January 14       Nur

Please remember to sign up for ASA here: ASA begins this week. Every Tuesday is FREE ZONE TUESDAY where students can enjoy our school and friends until 16:00.

Here's a peek at next week:
Literacy: Students will be reviewing alphabet letters names and sounds. Next week, students will review the letters: /p/, /e/, /c/, /k/ and /n/. Our sight words are the, a, at and me. We will continue building good reading and writing habits. We will continue establishing and practicing rules and expectations for reading and writing, being independent learners in a partner setting as well as working with partners to become stronger readers and writers. This week, students will participate in Whole School Writing. The purpose of WSW is to create a snapshot of students’ writing throughout the school and using data collected to inform teaching and curriculum design. 

      We finished our first read-aloud chapter               Our next read-aloud chapter book
      book, Junie B. First Grader (at last!)                     is Junie B. Jones and the Stupid
      by Barbara Parks.                                                 Smelly Bus by Barbara Parks.


Handwriting: Handwriting in first grade is where students solidify their handwriting grip. We are working on building stronger fine motor skills to help us with our grip and writing stamina. For that, students do a lot of cutting and pasting as well as working with clay or play dough, use tongs and other activities to help build fine motor skills. 

We are working on correct letter formation. "Top to bottom, left to right."  You can help your child build stronger fine motor skills by using tongs at meal times, asking her/her to cut paper into confetti into a container, squeezing a soft ball with his/her fingers or palms , or other similar activities.

Math: We will continue counting, reviewing the concept of a number, and reading and writing numerals. Our first unit focuses on Counting and Comparing. We are also learning how to collect data and make simple bar graphs.

Social Studies/Science:  Students will continue developing a stronger classroom community and learning how to be a good student and friend.  We will spend more time this  week thinking of our classroom expectations and rules.

Have a lovely week!
Ms. Julie

Important Dates:
Monday, September 3Q1 After School Activities (ASAs) begin. Sign up next week.
Thursday, September 67:30: Pre-K Back to School Open House
19:00: Kinder – Grade 12 Back to School Open House
Saturday, September 8PTO Welcome Back to School BBQ at AISB
Friday, September 21Secondary Community-Based Engagement Day
Monday, September 24Teacher in-service day - no school


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