Monday, September 17, 2018

Week 5

We finished our Math unit on 
Counting and Comparing 
and made a class book for each number from 1 to 16.

In Social Studies, we read and learned more about communities and respecting others within a community. We had fun role playing different scenarios.

Reading Buddies on Thursdays is always fun! 

Thank you for remembering to send your child's Take Home folder and books to school on Thursdays! Your child may or may not receive homework practice. 

A peek at next week:
Literacy: We will study the letters /g/, /o/, /u/, and /l/. Sight words are all, are, is and in. We are continuing to build good reading habits. We will focus on rereading books to learn more from our books, build reading stamina, and work with our reading partners. In writing, we will continue Showing with our pictures and Telling with our writing.
Math: We will continue learning how to collect data and create bar graphs. Our new unit will introduce greater than and less than to students.
Social Studies: Students will continue to learn about respect in the classroom and following routines and procedures. Students will also learn more about Kelso's Choices.

News from Ms. Yaa: In the library last week, students spent time reading our new books, which arrived the week before. Ms. Yaa reports that some students from last year's Kindergarten class have outstanding library books. If you find that you have books at home that belong to our school library, please return them. At the end of our first grade school year, students will need to return our school library books or make arrangements to pay for lost library books in order to receive report cards. Through the year in first grade, Ms. Yaa and I will help to remind you and your child about any overdue books. Next week students will check out books to take home for home reading.

Please note that Monday, September 24th is a professional development day and students will not come to school.  

Let's have a Great Week ahead!

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