Star of the Week

     Star of the Week!       
Star Light, Star Bright
This Little Star has come to flight
Shining sweet and shining true
To all my classmates, old and new.

Each child will be Star of the Week during the first half of the school year. 
As Star of the Week, students will...
* Have a special chair to sit in at the carpet.
* Be our CALENDAR person in class for the week.
* Be FIRST to choose a job for the week.
* Take care of our class mascot, Rasheed.

Monday: Poster Presentation & Collection –  Your child will share a poster (paper sent home) with the class. The poster may include photos of your child as a baby, recent photos, and photos of your family, pets, vacations, hobbies, events, etc. This is a fun way to share fascinating facts and favorites!

This is a chance for your child to share something that he/she collects.  If your child does not collect anything, your child may bring something that he/she is particularly proud of (send to school on Monday to be on display until Friday).

Friday: Snack & Story about Rasheed - Your child may bring in his/her favorite snack to share with the class (16 students) on Friday. We will read the story about Rasheed (paper for story sent home). The story will be added to our class book, “Adventures with Rasheed.”

Star Student Calendar:
                        August 27         Mahi                                                                
September 3   Clara                                                                
September 10  Mariam                                                           
September 17  Eyob                                                                 
September 24 Monia                                                               
October 1        Seamus                                                            
October 8       Nahida                                                             
October 22      Giovanni                                                           
October 29      Blanche
November 5     Mees
November 19   Sayane
November 26   Aarna
December 3     Yaelle
December 10   Valentin
January 17       Bastian
January 14       Nur

Please contact me with any questions. Thank you!

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