Take Home Work

Take Home Work and Nightly Reading

Learning is for life, and balanced school-learning and home-learning
is important to a learner’s development.

At AISB we want students to love learning, and to enjoy practicing what they have learned and
sharing their learning with their parents and families. We also want students to understand that
learning doesn’t stop when school stops; and we recognize that there is more to learn in life
than the things we teach in school.

Most children will benefit from homework occasionally, especially if that homework is designed
to target individual and specific learning needs. For this reason, we take an individualized
approach to homework for our students in Elementary. We plan learning to ensure that, most
of the time, your child does the learning and gets the regular practice she or he needs during
school time. Where it seems that practice outside school will benefit the child, we assign it.
Your child may or may not have take home work in first grade and it will usually be
individualized to meet the needs of your child.

We work to ensure that the homework assignments we give are, to quote respected researcher
Cathy Vatterott, stresses the importance of communication between students, parents and
teachers about homework. We embrace the importance of working with each child’s particular
learning needs, while leaving time for families of young children to be together, without the
added pressure of thinking “but I have to do my homework.” And we encourage all our families
to be in touch with us whenever they have information that can help us to help their
children’s learning.

Reading at home can be a big contributor to young children’s developing literacy, and
Elementary teachers encourage students and families to make reading a regular and enjoyable part of their evening routine.

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